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Our expert kitchen remodeling team transforms kitchens into breathtaking spaces that perfectly fit your style and needs, so you can enjoy cooking and entertaining without the headaches of a DIY renovation.

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Oak City Homes' kitchen remodeling service sets the standard with a unique blend of unparalleled customer service and a seamlessly guided journey. With a 100% customer satisfaction rate, our commitment to a stress-free experience begins with collaborative design sessions led by our in-house



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Since Oak City remodeled our kitchen and three bathrooms, we've been taking in the beauty and appreciating the functionality of their work. Not only were we happy with the end result, but it was a pleasure to work with Oak City- from start to finish!

Each member of the Oak City team brings professionalism, positivity, creativity, thoughtfulness, and specific areas of strength, resulting in a surprisingly efficient, smooth, fun and budget-respecting process.
Cary, NC
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Initial Consultation

This project kicked off by diving into the existing space, understanding what the customers envisioned, and identifying what needed a touch-up. They wanted more natural light, a modern look, and to fix up some wear and tear. After chatting it over, we put together a customized proposal that laid out the plan for their dream space.


In the context of a broader whole-home renovation involving several bathrooms, this kitchen received a top-notch makeover. Our skilled design team took a holistic approach, collaborating closely with the homeowners to craft a unified design that seamlessly connected all areas while embracing their unique style preferences. The journey commenced with mood boards, evolving into incredibly lifelike renderings as the design unfolded, giving a vivid preview of the forthcoming space.
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Cary Kitchen Renovation Construction


At Oak City Homes, meticulous planning is at the heart of our process. This project, encompassing multiple rooms, required several weeks of dedicated design and planning. Throughout this phase, we finalized the budget, coordinated numerous site visits for strategic planning, developed a comprehensive schedule, and diligently handled the permit applications. Our commitment to detailed preparation ensures a seamless and organized project execution.


This project spanned approximately 5 weeks for completion, with an additional week allotted as a buffer to accommodate all necessary inspections. Following a conventional kitchen remodel timeline, this project involved numerous interconnected elements. In total, it underwent 8 thorough city inspections to ensure compliance and quality throughout the process.
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