Oak City Homes specializes in Knightdale home remodeling, additions, and new construction, committed to delivering an exceptional stress-free customer experience.
Knightdale Union Station Park
This image provides a snapshot of downtown Knightdale.


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Knightdale, situated in North Carolina, embodies a delightful fusion of small-town warmth and modern convenience. Known for its friendly community and family-oriented atmosphere, Knightdale offers a rich array of local culture, recreational spaces, and a burgeoning tech presence. Its serene landscape, adorned with lush greenery and scenic parks, creates a charming backdrop for a town brimming with diverse neighborhoods, cozy dining spots, and numerous outdoor leisure activities. Whether you're exploring its historic landmarks, engaging with the local arts scene, or participating in community events, Knightdale is an inviting town that seamlessly blends tradition with contemporary living. To discover more about this vibrant town and its opportunities, explore the official Knightdale website here.

Oak City Homes LLC

Our Commitment

At Oak City Homes LLC, we're all about making Knightdale homes shine while building strong bonds within the community. Our secret? It's all in the flawless design, attention to detail, and caring for our clients. What truly sets us apart is our passion for bringing your dreams to life without any hassle. With our skilled team by your side, we blend creativity, precision, and a whole lot of commitment to ensure your home project is a standout success story, surpassing every expectation along the way.
Knightdale Whole Home Remodeling Attic with Carpet
This image showcases a remarkable attic remodel completed by Oak City Homes in Knightdale.
Knightdale Whole Home Remodeling Dormer Window
This image provides an aerial view of the attic remodel, showcasing the newly installed dormer window.

Knightdale Design Service

Turning Your Dreams to Reality

At Oak City Homes, we're passionate about creating homes that truly fit your style and needs. We're all about collaboration! Whether it's revamping your kitchen, sprucing up your bathroom, or even designing a whole new space, we've got you covered. We're here to guide you through every step, making sure your home is tailored just for you!

Knightdale Remodeling Services

Preparing for Transformation

At Oak City Homes, we specialize in elevating your living spaces through unparalleled remodeling services. With our attention to detail and superior craftsmanship, we transform your house into a personalized haven. From comprehensive kitchen and bathroom renovations to enhancing other areas of your home, we're dedicated to realizing your dream living space. Our team's focus is on seamless remodeling experiences, whether it's for enhanced functionality or a renewed aesthetic. We're committed to turning your vision into an extraordinary reality!
Knightdale Whole Home Remodeling Attic Green Walls
This image offers an alternative perspective of the renovated attic space.
Knightdale Whole Home Remodeling Before Renovation
This image depicts the attic area as referred to in the preceding images.

Knightdale Construction Services

Precision Craftsmanship

Oak City Homes stands out in Knightdale as your go-to construction company. We're not just your typical remodelers! From crafting custom homes to adding home additions like garages, sunrooms, and more – we've got you covered. Whether it's building your dream house from scratch or adding extra space, we're all about a smooth, personalized process. Our team makes sure your place not only looks amazing but also stands strong for the long haul.

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