Oak City Homes expert team manages paperwork, ensures compliance with regulations, and secures permits efficiently. We streamline the process for a smooth transition to construction, meeting all legal standards.
Permitting Project Placard
This image illustrates a permit placard, often mandated by certain municipalities to be visibly displayed on the job site.

Permitting Benefits

Why We Permit All Work

At Oak City Homes, we prioritize obtaining permits for every project as a testament to our commitment to quality, compliance, and customer satisfaction. Securing permits ensures that our projects adhere to local building codes, safety standards, and regulations set forth by authorities. By diligently obtaining permits, we guarantee that each phase of construction meets legal requirements, ensuring the safety, durability, and integrity of the completed work. This dedication to compliance not only safeguards our clients from potential legal issues but also assures them of a professionally executed project that aligns with the highest industry standards, providing peace of mind and a seamless construction experience.

Permitting Requirements

Projects that Require Permits

Projects that involve structural changes, significant renovations, additions, electrical or plumbing work, and alterations to the existing building layout typically require permits. At Oak City Homes, we prioritize obtaining permits for any construction, renovation, or remodeling project that involves modifications to the structure, utilities, or design of a property. This includes but is not limited to home remodels, new construction, room additions, alterations to load-bearing walls, changes to plumbing or electrical systems, or any modifications impacting the building's structural integrity. 
Permitting Structural Foundation
This image displays the foundational groundwork for a home addition project in Cary. The structural enhancements necessitated the acquisition of several permits.
Permitting City Portal
This is a snapshot of the Raleigh permit portal. Each city has their own unique permitting system and process.

Permitting Process

Our Approach

The permitting process at Oak City Homes is a strategic and proactive procedure aimed at ensuring compliance with local regulations and building codes for each project. Our experienced team carefully reviews project plans, gathers necessary documentation, and submits applications to the relevant authorities. We engage in clear communication and coordination throughout, promptly addressing any queries or requirements from permitting agencies. Once submitted, we monitor the progress closely, expediting approvals whenever possible through proactive measures. 

Permit Approval

Next Steps

Once permits are approved, our team coordinates and schedules inspections at key stages of the construction process. These inspections, conducted by local authorities, verify compliance with building codes and regulations. We ensure seamless coordination, guiding our clients through the inspection phases, and addressing any necessary adjustments promptly. Upon successfully passing all inspections, the authorities issue a Certificate of Compliance or a Certificate of Occupancy. This certification signifies that the project meets all safety and regulatory standards, ensuring a smooth transition for our clients to inhabit or utilize the completed space with confidence in its safety, functionality, and compliance with local building regulations.
Permit Approval
This image shows the city approved plans for a Kitchen & Bathroom remodel in Cary.

Permitting FAQs

Here are a few questions we hear a lot

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