Morrisville Bathroom Remodel: Trumbell

This Morrisville, NC owner's bathroom remodel embodies luxury with its LVP flooring, tile-adorned shower and Jacuzzi, and a sleek frameless shower door, creating a spa-like oasis in the comfort of home.
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In the heart of Morrisville, NC, this owner’s bathroom remodel stands as a testament to modern luxury and comfort. The project was meticulously designed to transform the space into a personal spa-like retreat, focusing on high-quality materials and contemporary finishes.

The foundation of the remodel is the Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) flooring, chosen for its durability and aesthetic appeal. This flooring mimics the warmth and texture of natural wood while offering the resilience needed in a high-moisture environment, ensuring the bathroom remains both elegant and practical.

Central to the bathroom’s allure is the custom-tiled shower, featuring meticulously laid tiles that create a serene and inviting ambiance. The design incorporates advanced waterproofing technologies, ensuring longevity and performance. Complementing the shower is a frameless glass door, an epitome of modern bathroom design, which adds an open, airy feel to the space while showcasing the intricate tile work.

Adding a touch of luxury, the Jacuzzi is encased in matching tiles, creating a cohesive look that enhances the room’s aesthetic. This tiled Jacuzzi not only serves as a focal point but also offers a tranquil escape, inviting relaxation and rejuvenation at the end of a long day.

Every element of this Morrisville bathroom remodel, from the LVP floors to the frameless shower door, has been carefully selected to create a harmonious balance between functionality and style, resulting in a space that is both sophisticated and welcoming.




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We are extremely pleased with the work Oak City Remodeling did on our master bathroom remodel. One of the things that really stood out to us about Oak City Remodeling was the professionalism and courtesy of their proprietor, crew, and subcontractors. Despite being a small team, they were always available to answer any questions we had throughout the process and made sure to keep us updated on their progress. We never felt like we were in the dark about what was happening with the project.

Additionally, the crew and subcontractors were consistently on time and arrived promptly each day they were scheduled to work. This made it easy for us to plan our own schedule around the renovation. Throughout the project we felt they were reliable and committed to completing the project on time.

Oak City Remodeling was able to finish the project on time and on budget. Given the complexity of the project and the various subcontractors involved, we were initially worried that there would be delays or unexpected costs, but the team was able to stay on track and keep everything within the agreed-upon budget.

In the end, the finished product exceeded our expectations and we are really enjoying our new master bathroom. We are looking forward to working with Oak City Remodeling again on future projects. We highly recommend Oak City Remodeling to anyone looking to renovate their home.

Erika R.

The Project Journey

When it comes to a successful construction project, it isn't alwasy all about the end result. It's also about the journey it took to get there. At Oak City Homes, we guide our customers through a step-by-step process and make their remodeling exereince a breeze.

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