Raleigh Bathroom Remodel: Rainwood

Check out this complete Raleigh bathroom remodel including a spacious, elegantly tiled shower and modern frameless door, redefining luxury and functionality from the ground up.
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Take a look at this comprehensive remodel of both an owner’s bathroom and a hall bathroom in a Raleigh home, elevating functionality and aesthetics to new heights. This ambitious project involved stripping both spaces down to the studs, allowing for a complete transformation that catered to modern living standards.

The centerpiece of the renovation was the expansion of the shower area, which was not only enlarged to create a more spacious and luxurious experience but also exquisitely tiled to add a touch of sophistication and style. The addition of frameless shower doors in each bathroom introduced a sleek, contemporary look while enhancing the openness and flow of the space.

Every aspect of the bathrooms was thoughtfully considered and upgraded, from the installation of new, efficient plumbing fixtures to the selection of high-quality materials and finishes that complement the home’s overall design. The result is a pair of bathrooms that not only meet the practical needs of daily use but also serve as serene retreats, embodying the perfect blend of elegance, comfort, and functionality.



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When it comes to a successful construction project, it isn't alwasy all about the end result. It's also about the journey it took to get there. At Oak City Homes, we guide our customers through a step-by-step process and make their remodeling exereince a breeze.

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