Bathroom Design

Oak City Homes creates luxurious and personalized bathroom spaces that blend functionality with opulence. From contemporary to timeless designs, our team ensures every detail aligns seamlessly with your vision, offering a sanctuary of luxury and relaxation.
Bathroom Design Hall Bath Rendering
This rendering was crafted by our in-house design team for a bathroom remodeling project in Apex.

Bathroom Design

Your One-Stop-Shop

Join the journey of transformation with Oak City Homes' Bathroom Design Service. We're all about turning dreams into reality! From brainstorming cool ideas together to getting every detail just right, our team ensures stress-free bathroom makeovers that go beyond just looking good. At Oak City Homes, it's not your average remodel—it's about creating spaces that vibe with your style and totally nail your vision.

Bathroom Design Consultation

Where It All Begins

At Oak City Homes, our bathroom design consultation is where the ball gets rolling. It's your opportunity to dive into your dream bathroom and explore endless possibilities with our expert team. We believe in collaborative brainstorming, where your ideas and preferences take center stage. During this interactive session, we listen attentively to your vision, discussing layout options, style preferences, and functional needs. Our goal is to understand your unique taste and lifestyle, providing personalized suggestions and innovative solutions that align perfectly with your vision.
Bathroom Design Vanity and Shower Rendering
This rendering was created by our in-house design team for a bathroom addition in Fuquay-Varina.
Bathroom Design Board
This image illustrates a design board, an initial stage in the design process.

Bathroom Design Boards

Telling Your Story

Oak City Homes' design boards are visual masterpieces that bring your dream bathroom to life. These boards serve as dynamic storyboards, showcasing a curated collection of materials, color palettes, fixtures, and design elements carefully selected to reflect your envisioned style and ambiance. Our design boards act as a visual roadmap, allowing you to see how different elements harmonize together and provide a tangible glimpse of the final design.

Bathroom Design 3D Models

Bringing Your Designs to Life

Step into your future bathroom with Oak City Homes' lifelike 3D models, where imagination meets reality. Our cutting-edge technology enables us to craft detailed virtual renderings that vividly showcase your envisioned bathroom space from every angle. These high level 3D models provide an immersive experience, allowing you to explore your bathroom design in-depth before construction begins. Our team ensures that every fixture, texture, and layout choice is accurately represented, empowering you to make informed decisions and visualize the final outcome. 
Bathroom Design 3D Model Vanity
This design rendering created by our team shows an owner's bathroom remodel in Raleigh.
Bathroom Design Photo Rendering
This design rendering shows a second view of the bathroom remodeling project in Raleigh shown in the previous image.

Bathroom Design Renderings

A Photorealistic Look

At Oak City Homes, our bathroom photorealistic renderings provide a vivid preview of your envisioned dream bathroom, brought to life before your eyes. These stunning, true-to-life visualizations provide an incredibly realistic portrayal of your envisioned space. Our expert team utilizes advanced technology to craft intricate renderings, capturing every detail, texture, and lighting aspect with astonishing accuracy. These renderings serve as a powerful tool, enabling you to witness your future bathroom in its full glory before construction begins.

Bathroom Design Material Selection

Hand Picked Recommendations

At Oak City Homes, our bathroom material selection process is a personalized journey curated to elevate your space. With an array of premium materials at your fingertips, our team assists in handpicking elements that perfectly match your unique preferences. We prioritize quality, durability, and aesthetics, presenting you with an exclusive range of options that promise to transform your bathroom into a stunning, bespoke retreat.
Bathroom Design Material Selection
This image shows a snapshot of a material selection sheet. A collaborative part of the design process.
Bathroom Design Final Presentation
This image shows a sample of what is included in a final Oak City Homes' design presentation.

Bathroom Design Presentation

A Comprehensive Deliverable

The final design pack is the comprehensive blueprint that brings your dream bathroom to life. This detailed package encompasses a personally curated collection of design elements, layouts, material specifications, and visual representations tailored exclusively for your project. This comprehensive package includes an array of elements such as detailed 3D renderings, precise floor plans, handpicked fixture selections, and tangible material samples, serving as your definitive roadmap throughout the entire construction journey. It ensures clarity and precision, serving as a roadmap for our construction team to bring your envisioned bathroom to life.

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