Garage Addition

Expand your home's functionality with Oak City Homes' premier garage addition service. Our tailored solutions ensure a seamless experience, maximizing your property's potential while ensuring convenience and security for your vehicles and belongings.
Garage Addition Brick Foundation
This image displays a seamless integration of a 26'x26' garage addition with the existing home's structure.

Garage Addition

The Unmatched Oak City Experience

At Oak City Homes, our garage addition service is marked by unparalleled customer service and a streamlined journey. With a 100% customer satisfaction rate, we prioritize a hassle-free experience, starting with collaborative design sessions led by our in-house experts to efficient pre-construction planning and execution. Beyond delivering stunning renovations, we offer our customers peace of mind with a comprehensive one-year warranty. With Oak City Homes, a garage addition isn't just about enhancing aesthetics; it's an effortless, smooth experience that showcases our dedication to delivering exceptional service and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Garage Addition Design

Realizing Your Dreams

Begin your exciting journey with Oak City Homes! Our dedicated team works closely with you to bring your garage ideas to life. We consider space optimization, structural features, and material selections such as flooring, insulation, and roofing. Using advanced design tools, including 3D models and detailed renderings, we provide a comprehensive preview of your envisioned garage space. Beyond just appearance, we ensure the functionality suits your needs, transforming your garage into a personalized extension that mirrors your preferences.
Garage Addition Front Elevation
This image offers a front elevation view showcasing the proposed design for this project.
Garage Addition Side Windows
This image presents a side view of the garage, emphasizing its complementary brick foundation.

Garage Addition Planning

Preparing for Transformation

As we gear up for the pre-construction phase, our team mobilizes, ready to ensure every detail is addressed. We review every aspect, guaranteeing a smoothly flowing project that aligns with your budget. From material procurement, thorough inspections, and permit acquisition to project scheduling – this sets the groundwork for a hassle-free and cost-efficient garage expansion. At Oak City Homes, our commitment is to handle every aspect, allowing you to relax and see your envisioned garage unfold effortlessly!

Garage Addition Construction

Precision Craftsmanship

As we transition to the construction phase, our seasoned team takes the helm, orchestrating every aspect of the construction journey. Our hallmark is precision, ensuring an exceptional outcome delivered promptly and within the designated budget. We are dedicated to presenting not just a functional addition, but a tailored masterpiece that reflects your distinct vision and becomes a source of pride.
Garage Addition Bonus Room
This front view shows the end result which perfectly mirrors the proposed design elevation showcased in one of the earlier images.
Garage Addition Rear View with Gutters
This rear view displays the finalized product, revealing a properly sloped lot designed to facilitate efficient water drainage.

Garage Addition Warranty

Post-Completion Excellence

As we add the finishing touches to your newly expanded garage, our commitment to your satisfaction extends beyond completion. We stand behind our work, offering a comprehensive one-year warranty post-project completion. This assurance emphasizes our dedication to ensuring your contentment and the sustained quality of our craftsmanship. Sit back, enjoy your expanded garage, and trust that Oak City Homes remains devoted to upholding the highest standards for your space!

Garage Addition FAQs

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