Kitchen Design

Oak City Homes crafts personalized, luxurious kitchens that blend practicality with elegance. From trendy to timeless designs, every element is tailored to match your vision for a stylish and functional space.
Kitchen Design Rendering
This rendering, created by our in-house design team, shows a design build kitchen remodeling project in Cary.

Kitchen Design

All-In-One Experience

Step into the world of innovative kitchen design with Oak City Homes' specialized service. Our focus is on bringing your dreams to life! We kickstart the process with interactive brainstorming sessions, aiming for more than just a kitchen makeover. At Oak City Homes, it's about creating spaces that truly reflect your style and lifestyle.

Kitchen Design Consultation

Learning Your Style

Our kitchen design consultation marks the exciting start of your culinary haven's creation. It's your chance to immerse yourself in envisioning the perfect kitchen alongside our expert team. We thrive on collaborative brainstorming, prioritizing your ideas and preferences. This interactive session is dedicated to attentively hearing your vision, delving into layout possibilities, style choices, and practical requirements. Our aim is to grasp your distinctive taste and lifestyle, offering tailored recommendations and inventive solutions that seamlessly match your vision.
Kitchen Design Rendering Backsplash
A detailed rendering created by our in-house design team for this kitchen remodel in Cary.
Kitchen Design Board
This image showcases a design board, an important starting phase of our design journey.

Kitchen Design Boards

Personally Curated Ideas

Oak City Homes' kitchen design boards are personalized visual narratives that give shape to your dream culinary space. These expertly crafted boards act as dynamic storyboards, presenting an array of curated materials, color schemes, fixtures, and design elements tailored to embody your envisioned style and ambiance. With an acute attention to detail, we unveil these boards during consultations, offering an immersive experience that allows you to tangibly visualize and refine every aspect of your ideal kitchen, ensuring it perfectly resonates with your desired aesthetic and preferences.

Kitchen Design 3D Models

Visualize Your Space

Enter your envisioned kitchen space with Oak City Homes' true-to-life 3D models, bridging imagination with reality. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, we create high level virtual models that vividly depict your envisioned kitchen from every perspective. These 3D models offer an immersive experience, enabling you to explore and dissect your kitchen design thoroughly before the construction phase. Our team pays attention to every fixture, texture, and layout, ensuring precise representation for informed decision-making and envisioning the final outcome. 
Kitchen Design White Cabinets
This design rendering offers an intricate portrayal of the kitchen cabinets and pantry, highlighting their detailed features and layout.
Kitchen Design 3D Rendering Range
This detailed design rendering provides a closer view of the kitchen displayed in the previous images.

Kitchen Design Renderings

Picture Perfect Design

Our kitchen design photorealistic renderings help bring your envisioned culinary space to life. These captivating visualizations offer an incredibly realistic portrayal of your dream kitchen. Our skilled team creates these renderings, capturing every intricate detail, texture, and lighting element with astonishing precision. Serving as a powerful visualization tool, these renderings allow you to witness the full splendor of your future kitchen before construction commences.

Kitchen Design Material Selection

Personalized Material Suggestions

At Oak City Homes, our kitchen design material selection process is a tailored journey crafted to enhance your space uniquely. Offering an array of premium materials, our team collaborates with you to handpick elements that perfectly harmonize with your envisioned style and practical needs. From exquisite countertops to sophisticated fixtures, we guide you through a thoughtfully curated selection, guaranteeing that each material chosen aligns seamlessly with your design vision and lifestyle preferences. Emphasizing quality, durability, and aesthetics, we present an exclusive range of options poised to transform your kitchen into a captivating, personalized haven. 
Kitchen Design Material Selection Sheet
This image offers a glimpse into our material selection sheet, a collaborative aspect integral to our kitchen design process.
Kitchen Design Final Presentation
This image provides a preview of the comprehensive content featured in Oak City Homes' final design presentation, specifically tailored for your kitchen project.

Kitchen Design Presentation

Your Personal Design Pack

Your final design pack is the comprehensive blueprint that turns your envisioned kitchen into a tangible reality. This detailed package is a curated collection of design elements, layouts, material specifications, and visual representations personally tailored for your project. Comprising 3D renderings, floor plans, fixture selections, and material samples, this pack acts as your project guidebook during the construction phase. It guarantees clarity and precision, providing our construction team with a roadmap to materialize your dream kitchen.

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